Chiropractic Care in Carmichael - Gentle, Effective Pain Relief

Chiropractic Treatments for:

Carmichael Chiropractor OfficeHeadaches
Painful joints
Loss of sleep
Numbness & tingling
Neck, shoulder & arm pain
Low back & leg pain
Pain between shoulders
Muscle Spasms

New Patients Seen Same Day!

Blakely Chiropractic is a place where genuine, quality chiropractic care and concern for the community is always our highest goal. We pledge to provide the finest chiropractic care in an unsurpassed level of professional care to each patient on each and every contact. Blakely Chiropractic experience promotes confidence and trust and fulfills even the expressed and unexpressed expectations of our patients.

Our office is preventive oriented which means that once you are well we want to assist you and your family to continue living your life to the fullest.

Chiropractor care for:
Auto Accident Injuries - Insurance Cases
Sports Injuries - Specializing in Difficult Cases

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